Adam J. Oppenheimer, MD

Medical Director

Is a board certified plastic surgeon who practices in Orlando, Florida. He has a special interest in Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Oppenheimer has Ivy League training, and completed a coveted Plastic Surgery residency at the prestigious University of Michigan. He went on to train in Pediatric Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Oppenheimer’s focus is on Women’s and Children’s Health. He has expertise in labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, and breast augmentation using “gummy bear” (shaped) breast implants. Given his unique training in craniofacial surgery, he also has a specialized skillset in rhinoplasty (nasal surgery). Dr. Oppenheimer’s goal is happy patients, and he strives to help them achieve THEIR plastic surgery goals. Dr. Oppenheimer was chosen as a Top 100 Plastic Surgeon on

Dr. Oppenheimer on Instagram @RealDrOpp

Brian Benson, PA-C

Brian has lived in Florida for the last 30 years. He attended Florida State University where he obtained his Liberal Arts degree and also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. He also received his Masters in Public Health and Bachelors of Science from Nova Southeastern University.

Brian received his Physician's Assistant certification 15 years ago. Practicing in the field of Neurosurgery for 8 years gave him the in-depth understanding of facial anatomy. Over the last 7 years Brian has worked at the busiest cosmetic surgical practice in Melbourne, Florida.

Brian now works at Victoria MedSpa under the direction of Dr. Oppenheimer, a renowned plastic surgeon.

When he's not working, Brian's passion is spending time with his two beautiful daughters that keep him plenty busy with just enough time for other things he loves including reading, music, sports and kite boarding.

Adelina Manukian Mesropovna

Licenses Facial/Skin care and Permanent Make-Up Therapist

Adelina Manukian Mesropovna, is an Licenses Facial/Skin care and Permanent Make-Up Therapist with over 20 years of experience and with previous medical background, who holds certificates from:



Paris, France

Facial Treatment and Hydradermie Lift

"Skin for Life"

London, England

Nueskin basic Microdermabrasion

Nueskin oxygen and led light Therapy


Dubai, UAE

Facial training and techniques

She has worked in a variety of Skin Care Facilities, local and overseas, assisting clients with acute of skin problems· .

Adelina is a highly qualified and a dedicated Skin Care Specialist with a superb record of client satisfaction, and High familiarity with potential medical reactions and side effects of cosmetics.

Thoroughly knowledgeable in all types of cosmetics and their chemical and visual properties. Adept at responding to client concerns and needs in a personal and sensitive manner.