Dr. Maged S. Samaan, MD

Medical Doctor

For 29 years, Dr. Maged S. Samaan, has practiced as a Medical Doctor. After graduating from the Univ of Assiut, Fac of Med, Assiut, Egypt in 1986 and practicing for several years, he established his practice in Deltona, FL. His entire list of specialized medical services can be found at his

Throughout his medical career. Dr. Samaan identified the need to incorporate a total body improvement approach to help his patients stay healthy. With this, he incorporated Advanced Body Images into his practice. This gives his patients the opportunity to incorporate wellness, diet programs and supplements, enhancements and other advanced procedures to his practice. Together with his Professional and Licensed staff, Dr. Samaan has the opportunity to not only enhance the health of his patients, but also their and total body appearance.

Dr. Samaan

Adelina Manukian Mesropovna

Licenses Facial/Skin care and Permanent Make-Up Therapist

Adelina Manukian Mesropovna, is an Licenses Facial/Skin care and Permanent Make-Up Therapist with over 20 years of experience and with previous medical background, who holds certificates from:



Paris, France

Facial Treatment and Hydradermie Lift

"Skin for Life"

London, England

Nueskin basic Microdermabrasion

Nueskin oxygen and led light Therapy


Dubai, UAE

Facial training and techniques

She has worked in a variety of Skin Care Facilities, local and overseas, assisting clients with acute of skin problems· .

Adelina is a highly qualified and a dedicated Skin Care Specialist with a superb record of client satisfaction, and High familiarity with potential medical reactions and side effects of cosmetics.

Thoroughly knowledgeable in all types of cosmetics and their chemical and visual properties. Adept at responding to client concerns and needs in a personal and sensitive manner.

Adriana Sarcos

Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 84441)

Adriana Sarcos is a licensed massage therapist with more than 15 years of experience dedicated to the well-being of all her clients. She is certified in sports massages, sports stretching, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, reduction massages and relaxation massages, all to help and promote overall wellness and health.

At an early age, Adriana was affected by a health condition that compromised a considerable part of her vision, since then she developed her sense of touch in an extraordinary way.

Adriana devotes herself with love and enthusiasm to help and heal people.